Due to Your kind help, we are able to create conditions for more full expression and constant creative development of the actors, to stage really bright and good-hearted plays, which not only find an enthusiastic response in every viewer’s heart, but also help our “special” actors to become independent and free members of the society.

Donate online:

We will be grateful for any extra financial help, needed for a continuous process of the play creation. It includes:

  • Selection of the material, adapted for the “special” artists
  • Recording of the supporting music
  • Rent of the rehearsal place
  • Making decorations, costumes and purchasing of the stage properties
  • Creation of the promotional materials and campaign
  • Renting of the stage to give the premiere and performance of following plays

Became a volunteer

We’ll be very glad, if you join us as a volunteer to accompany the artists to the places, where our performances, rehearsals or out coming events take place. If you are ready to share your professional skills, we also would be grateful to you. Just let us know, if you are ready to help, and we’ll be happy to tell you, how you can do it. If you are student of any medical university or a school of education, choreographer, teacher, psychologist, photographer, lawyer, cameraman or driver – we welcome you! Together our voice will sound stronger!

What else you can do

  • A place: we don’t have our own rehearsal base and a space for free performance (with a flexible rental conditions or without a rental payment)
  • Printwork: printing of the informational leaflets and posters
  • Help with social media marketing and promotion
  • Promotional help: getting the attention of media sources to our events
  • Help in preparing of the costumes: creation of costumes or providing of the ready-made costumes and shoes.