On June 5, 2017 19:00 in the Museum-centre Vladimir Vysotsky, Open Art Theatre has closed their 2016-17 season with the dell arte comedy “Colombina”. Entirely all roles were performed by 12 talented actors with Downs Syndrome. The audience hall could hardly accommodate all comers.

«Sparkling, fun, enchanting!» is leading motive of the numerous reviews that share one very important trait: the audience appreciates the artistry, sincerity, artictic skills of actors, absolutely forgetting about their Syndrome. Many guests were pleasantly surprised by caused emotion: to laugh and cry at the same time!

Colombina is a comedy of masks, improvisation, slapstick and buffoonery. At first glance the plot is canonical: there are the young lovers Harlequin and Colombine, and insidious oldsters persistently interfering in their happiness, but our heroes overcome everything for love and freedom with the help of their friends. Refusing glory and money, they prefer a nomadic life of wandering actors.

This is a very special project. First, the task was to create a performance in a very short period of time: 3 months! The rehearsal process can usually take up to 2 years.

This performance seamlessly and easily combines pantomime, circus and dance numbers. Colombina is a very complicated performance! It has a lot of change of themes, music and emotions. But the actors, according both to the creators and the public, managed the task at the highest level.